Many audiophiles have found that power cords can alter the sound of their systems, often (though not always) for the better.  However, because power cords are passive devices, they cannot improve problems with the power feeding our systems; in reality, the best a power cord can do is not make the situation worse.

In stark contrast to passive power cords are balanced power supplies, which can and do improve the power feeding our audio equipment, and thus their oerformancer  Until recently, balanced power was very expensive, with prices often in the many thousands of dollars, thus placing them out of the reach of many (if not most) audiophiles.

Distinctive Stereo is thus delighted to be an authorized dealer for the EQUI=CORE Balanced Power Cable Systems.  These remarkable products provide an affordable means to bring the beneficial effects of balanced power to audio (and video) systems.  Each product combines a fully balanced power conditioner with a high quality power cord, for far less than many competing power cords alone. The EQUI-CORE Balanced Power Cable Systems reduce noise, eliminate hum, and increase resolution, all without introducing frequency anomalies.

Each EQUI=CORE Balanced Power Cable System also includes a 2.5’ cord that attaches between the unit and the wall; longer cords (5.5’ and 8.5’) are available for a small additional charge.

There are three models, which differ only in their maximal power handling.  In addition, one EQUI=CORE Balanced Power Cable System can be used with multiple components, if used in conjunction with a high quality power strip. (We recommend the Wireworld Matrix AC.)

Clement Perry, Editor of Stereotimes, had this to say:

“The CP Tech EQUI=CORE Balanced AC Power Source Cables punch way above their weight when it comes to performance versus price tag. Beginning at $499, they’re among the top AC cords I have heard!”

Please contact us for additional information, or to arrange an audition in our showroom located in the NJ/NY/CT tri-state area.

EQUI=CORE  50    $499.00 w/2.5 foot cord, $549.00 w/5.5 foot cord, $599.00 with 8.5 foot cord
EQUI=CORE  150   $599.00 w/2.5 foot cord, $649.00 w/5.5 foot cord, $699.00 with 8.5 foot cord
EQUI=CORE  300  $799.00 w/2.5 foot cord, $849.00 w/5.5 foot cord, $899.00 with 8.5 foot cord

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