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Tomei Loudspeaker System

For those who want to make a visual, as well as, audio statement. Eden Acoustics’ TOMEI is an active loudspeaker system that offers a new vision of a high-end music system. This complete system is comprised of loudspeakers that feature an Open Air Design (O.A.D.), multichannel digital crossovers (DSP), a DAC for each frequency band, and new generation Class-D amplifiers to power each driver. With AIR, the box becomes a thing of the past and the sound is free to float above and around the drivers.The result is a sound that is incredibly open and agile, with stunning mid-range articulation, detailed high frequency range, and powerful, deep bass, down to 20 Hz. The Tomei Controller accepts both analogue and digital systems; for those who want the ultimate in simplicity, with superb sonics, all one needs to add is a computer or music server.

The sleek open baffle bass unit is acoustically paired to the satellite speakers to reproduce a full 3-D sound reconstruction, where time delays and spatiality are faithfully reproduced in the listening room. Together they develop beautifully transparent and articulate low-frequency deep tones without distracting room resonances.

The ACU-02 unit contains the digital crossovers, the amplifiers, the USB Audio Class 2 circuit and the D to A and A to D converters. The result is TÔMEI, a spatially coherent, transparent-to-source system, with “you are there” holographic presentation. To reach that level of performance, we use a sophisticated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to optimize the entire speaker’s amplitude, impulse, and phase response. No analog XO could manage this.


—Stainless steel and acrylic casing
—3 x 1000 watts peak stereo Class D amplifiers
—1.5GFlops 40-bit/768 Khz 4th generation floating point DSP
—User settings: Source select, volume level, muting, bass and tweeter shelf adjust (level), analog input sensitivity, DAC output level, DAC and A to D filters.
—User access: Remote control for all functions or using the front panel knob
—XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced analog inputs
—1 x digital S/PDIF input (32 bits / 192 Khz)
—1 x USB Audio Class 2 input (32 bits / 384 Khz)
—Loudspeaker cables included
—3 x Neutrik speakon loudspeaker outputs
—Dimensions: width 45 cm, depth 37.5 cm, height 12.5 cm
—Colors: available in crystal ice, onyx black, snow white or smoked grey acrylic

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