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The Sanders Sound System MODEL 10E loudspeakers will play at concert hall levels and can be used with multi-thousand watt amplifiers without arcing or damage. No protective circuitry is used or needed. It will reproduce the full dynamic range of any music without strain. Deep powerful bass is assured with the use of a transmission line woofer system.  The woofer system has been specifically designed to stop and start faster than other woofers so that perfect integration with a massless ESL finally is achieved. Passive crossovers are not used as they are seriously flawed and degrade the performance of any speaker. Expensive electronic crossovers and biamplification are used to achieve spectacular levels of performance.

This speaker practically disappears into the room, both sonically and visually. This helps with the age old problem of the speakers taking over the room. This integrated speaker system will be a worthy anchor of a reference-level high-end audio system of the highest performance possible.


Full-range, crossoverless ESLs are widely believed to be the “holy grail” of loudspeakers. In theory, using a single drive to reproduce the entire audio range, without the problems introduced by crossovers, would be ideal. Roger Sanders has built many such speakers. But the laws of physics cannot be circumvented. A full-range ESL simply cannot produce deep, powerful bass or have generally high output and full dynamic range. Roger spent 17 years developing woofer systems that would blend seamlessly with a massless ESL to produce outstanding bass and end the frustrating limitations of full-range ESLs. His well-designed, hybrid systems are far superior to a full-range, crossoverless ESL.

While building and selling full-range ESLs is easier and less costly than a hybrid, Roger won’t compromise.Therefore all Sanders speakers are hybrids.

Crossovers are a major limitation in conventional speakers. The passive crossovers typically used are seriously flawed and cannot be used if you want a speaker with the highest possible performance. Electronic crossovers and bi-amplified operation are far superior to passive crossover systems and are absolutely essential for spectacular speaker performance. Therefore, all Sanders’ speakers come with electronic crossovers and bi-amplification.

The DSP (Digital Signal Processor) allows the speaker’s frequency response to be tailored to compensate for deficiencies in recordings and to best match his personal preferences in how his speaker system should sound.

Last but certainly not least, the Model 10e also includes an RCS (Room Correction System) since even a perfect loudspeaker will have its frequency response degraded by the room/speaker interaction and bass resonances produced by room dimensions. Any speaker that does not use an RCS is simply not performing to its full potential.

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