Sweet Vinyl

Sugarcube SC2

Here are the benefits of Sweet Vinyl’s Sugarcube SC2:

  • Listen to vinyl LP’s without distracting clicks and pops.
  • Remove clicks and pops without degrading musical content
  • Listen to and Record vinyl LPs without distracting clicks and pops (SC-2)
  •  Eliminate the painstaking process researching and editing metadata (SC-2)
  • Simplify scrubbing of tracks splits with automatic tract detection (SC-2)
  • Installs in virtually any configuration of components with RCA interconnects
  • Easily bypass digital processing when pure analog listening is preferred
  •  Hi-Res digital processing provides warmth and detail for analog without noise
  • Software upgrades via SweetVinyl.com
  • Connect to Sweetvinyl mobile app on home network


The SC-2 includes all of the features of the SC-1, along with:

  • Automatic metadata identification of Artist, Song, and Album
  • Easy to use recording capabilities with auto-track splitting and metadata tagging
  • Bypass mode to disengage digital processing with audiophile grade relay
  • Front Graphics Display for artist, album, and song along with cover art, etc.
  • Pushbutton USB 3.0 front panel port for recording content

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