German Physiks

Distinctive Stereo is the exclusive U.S. Distributor of GERMAN PHYSIKS Loudspeakers. All German Physiks loudspeakers are based on the “”DDD” anomniple, wide bandwidth driver that covers the range of approximately (it varies slightly from model to model) 200 Hz to 24 kHz. The DDD uses multiple modes of vibration, including bending wave; importantly, the DDD transitions from one mode to the other purely mechanically; that is, without an electronic crossover. (In most models, there is simply a high pass filter on the DDD, and a low pass on the woofers). All German Physiks models, from the least expensive Unlimited Ultimate, to the most expensive Gaudi, use identical DDD’s. As one moves up the line, one gets additional DDDs (for higher SPLs and greater ease in larger rooms), better crossover components, and larger woofer cabinets.

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