The elegance and distinctive appearance of the Eden Acoustique TÖMEI speakers is apparent at first glance.  However, their unique style is not purely for show: It is an expression of form following function.  Most speakers are variations on a basic theme, comprising one or more drivers in a cabinet.  While this approach can, in the right hands, yield excellent results, such speakers often sound closed-in, and display various cabinet-induced colorations.  The TÖMEI speakers take a different approach: Not only are they dipoles (that is, the sound emanates from both the front and the back of the drivers) that takes the concept of “open baffle” one step further: they have no baffle whatsoever!  As a result, they project an open and airy sound, much like what one hears at live musical events, and present a soundstage that is extremely wide, allowing listeners to enjoy high quality reproduction from virtually anywhere in the room.  In addition, they are an “active speaker,” which means that they have their own amplifiers, each optimized for the particular driver it powers.  Moreover, the use of DSP (digital sound processor) provides crossovers with extremely steep slopes, again providing optimization of the sound, and avoiding any energy-robbing passive components (such as capacitors and inductors.)

Because the bass has a dipole configuration, fewer room nodes are established, which makes placement easier than with traditional speakers, and provides a more even tonal balance in the lower frequencies.

The TÖMEI speakers are highly resolving, but without the analytical sound that has been all-too-common in high-end audio.  As a result, one can listen for hours on end, without ever experiencing listener fatigue.

In summary, the TÖMEI is an artistic, room-friendly, user-friendly speaker, that provides a wonderful, open, life-like musical experience, that can be enjoyed alone, or with friends.  It is designed for the music lover with a discerning eye, and a discerning ear.

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Emerald Physics is a line of open-baffle speakers that offer an open, spacious sound that is rarely obtainable with conventional box speakers.  They have incredible detail, electrostatic-like transparency, deep and powerful bass, and life-like dynamics.  The combination of dipole bass and controlled dispersion for the highs and mids, minimizes room interactions, which are one of the largest contributors to poor sound.  They therefore work well in most rooms, including smaller (or otherwise problematic) rooms, in which conventional box speakers often perform poorly.

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We are an authorized dealer for exaSound, a Canadian company that designs and manufactures very high quality DACs (build quality, at prices that won’t break the bank.  Call us for an audition, or order online.

Legacy Audio handcrafts the finest loudspeakers available. The quality standard is the same for our flagship commercial doubleHELIX system as our STUDIO bookshelf system. Our speakers are renowned for establishing reference level performance in home theater and audiophile settings. We take great pride in building each pair of speakers as though we were building them for ourselves.  Our speakers consistently provide wider bandwidth, lower distortion, greater efficiency and higher reliability than our competition.  Our 7 year performance guarantee assures your Legacy speakers will provide the highest level of enjoyment.

Though started only about three years ago, Merrill Audio has rapidly established itself as a leader in high-end audio, with products that have garnered rave reviews and awards in the audio press, and great reception among enthusiasts.  All Merrill Audio products are superbly crafted, and are based on solid engineering principles, without any hype.  We are authorized dealers; contact us to arrange an audition, or order directly from our website.  Ask about our trade-in policy.

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The Sadurni Acoustic Staccato speakers are a 4-way horn system.  Carefully hand crafted, no cost-cutting short-cuts, only the finest material, and years of trial and error testing, have resulted in a speaker system that redefines what is possible in reproduced sound.  It is a biamped system that uses one amplifier for the tweeter horn, midrange horn, and upper bass horn; and a second amplifier for the subwoofer modules.  The subwoofer modules use an active crossover (included with the system), to allow optimal coupling between amplifier and driver.  The amplifier for the tweeter, midrange and upper bass horn can be as low as 1 or 2 Watts, and as much as 400 Watts.  For the subwoofer modules, we recommend an amplifier with a minimum of 50-100 Watts.

Roger Sanders has been at this for 40 years. His first published article on Electrostatic Speakers was in 1974, followed by another on amplifiers to drive ESL’s in 1976. His contribution to audio include the invention of the curved, free-standing, electrostatic loudspeaker driver (click on image to right to view the published article); the development of extremely compact transmission line woofer systems; integration of electrostatic speakers and transmission line woofer systems; and, several “how to” construction articles in “The Audio Amateur” and “Speaker Builder” magazines. One of Roger’s greatest contribution to the state-of-the-art, is his book, “The Electrostatic Loudspeaker Design Cookbook” , published by The Audio Amateur in 1993.Written for the audiophile craftsman rather than the engineer, this treatise is a definitive set of instructions, explanations, and, arguments for achieving the most accuracy and realism possible.Throughout all this time, he has been perfecting the hybrid electrostatic loudspeaker, as well as designing amplifiers to effortlessly drive them to maximum effect.

Located in beautiful Campbell California, Wells Audio is the culmination of 40+ years experience in high-end audio for the owner, Jeff Wells. With more than 4 decades experience listening to and comparing high-end audio components, he learned that he has a special talent for evaluating and identifying those characteristics that make equipment special. And now he is using this talent – and the talents of a few brilliant friends – to develop the best equipment in the world. Come audition a Wells Audio product soon. I think you may agree that you are hearing the best audio equipment of your life. And the best is yet to come!