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Distinctive Stereo is a Premier Dealer of the GERMAN PHYSIKS range of omnidirectional loudspeakers. All German Physiks loudspeakers use their exclusive DDD driver. This is an omnidirectional driver with an exceptionally wide bandwidth: ~200Hz* to 24kHz. The use of the DDD driver gives all German Physiks loudspeakers several advantages over conventional designs and these are briefly explained further at German Physiks.

All German Physiks models from the entry level Unlimited Ultimate (MSRP approximately $18,500, depending on finish) to the flag ship Gaudi Mk II (MSRP approximately $325,000, depending on finish), use the same DDD driver. As you go up the range they employ 1, 2 or 4 DDD drivers for higher maximum output levels, increased dynamics and greater ease in larger rooms; more sophisticated crossovers for greater resolution, and larger bass systems for a more extended bass response. Consequently the entry level model will give the listener a very significant taste of what the models further up the range can do.

At Distinctive Stereo, we usually have the three most popular German Physiks models on permanent demonstration: the entry-level Unlimited Ultimate, the HRS-130, and and the top-selling Borderland Mk IV.

Call us today to book an audition and hear for yourself why music lovers around the world are in awe of German Physiks speakers’ ability to emotionally involve and draw the listener into a performance.

For more information about all German Physiks models, and to learn about all the advantages of the German Physiks DDD driver, please visit 

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*The DDD driver lower limit varies with the German Physiks model it is used in. In most cases it is around 200 Hz but in one model, the Unicorn Mk II, it is 40 Hz.


The German Physiks carbon fibre DDD driver has two key distinguishing features:
1.It is omnidirectional, meaning that it radiates the sound evenly around it.
2. It has an exceptionally wide operating range. Its typical operating range is from around 200Hz up to 24kHz—almost 7 octaves, though in the Unicorn Mk II, it operates from 40Hz to 24kHz.

This extremely wide range is achieved by the use of 3 modes of radiation:
Pistonic radiation,where the driver cone goes back and forward like the piston in a car engine.
Bending wave radiation, where the driver cone flexes and a waveis made to travel down its side.
Modal radiation, where the driver cone is allowed to go into break up and modes are established on the cone surface, each acting as an individual sound radiator.

By comparison, most loudspeakers use drivers that only usepistonic radiation and these have a much narrower operating range. The DDD driver’s omnidirectional radiation characteristic and its very wide operating range, together with several other key features give the same important advantages to all German Physiks designs. These are:
1. Excellent stereo images enjoyable from a wide range of listening positions.
2. Very accurate and realistic stereo images.
3. Very even tonal balance throughout the room.
4. Exceptional dynamics.
5.Very accurate portrayal of music instruments’ tonal characters.
6. Set up is quick and easy.
7. Physically extremely rugged.

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