Based on the award-winning Domain Omni series loudspeakers and patented high output continuous curve electrostatic technology, the MURAUDIO SP1 incorporates many of the same components of Muraudio’s flagship PX series loudspeakers in a smaller, lighter, contemporary design with luxurious finishing.

Each SP1 integrates Muraudio’s continuous curve ESL panel with four custom-designed six-inch aluminum cone drivers to create a beautiful, immersive, panoramic sound stage. With a full range 120-degree horizontal listening window, and projected point source imaging, the SP1 delivers Muraudio’s signature “Sound is Everywhere®” listening experience.

The Muraudio SP1s received high praise in The Absolute Sound (Issue 293, April 2019). Robert Green says in part: “I would strongly urge you to find the Muraudio SP1s at a show or dealer and spend some time listening to them carefully. This is a landmark speaker design. There has never been anything else like it. It is unique and sounds like real music in a way that escapes most speakers entirely.”

Get more information and specs on the SP1 here.

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