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You know how it is. Digital audio data isn’t the sole domain of digital transports any longer. Today it streams from sources as diverse as your PC, music server, satellite receiver, mixing board and portable player. Which is why EMM Labs created one very simple, very convenient way to get state-of-the-art sound from all of them. Re-introducing the multi-award winning DAC2X V2 – updated using the technology in their reference DA2. The DAC2X V2 features the latest generation MDAT2™ up-converting DSP, MFAST™ jitter removal system, MCLK™ master clock and Ed Meitner’s revised hand built DSD512/8xDSD proprietary discrete dual differential D-to-A converters. The DAC2X V2 also features a multitude of inputs allowing a host of connectivity options and support for up to 24bit,192kHz and DSD (via DoP) on all PCM inputs including USB. The DAC2x is currently Distinctive Stereo’s reference DAC.

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