Loudspeaker Interface Cables

Genesis starts out with individual strands of high-purity copper, and puts a thick, smooth plating of pure silver on it. These strands are then twisted very tightly together so that they don’t rattle and are sheathed (again very tightly) with PTFE Teflon (dielectric constant=2.1).

Four of these wires are braided together into twin twisted pairs in a balanced structure to cancel out external EMI. Each pair is given a banana plug at the loudspeaker end, and a spade lug at the amplifier end. These are pressure cold-welded on for a perfect gas-tight connection. The four wires are then sheathed in a conductive metallized polypropylene sheath for static resistance, and then again sheathed in an insulating polyamide net. The result is a supremely fast and transparent cable that matches the impedance and sonic characteristics of Genesis loudspeakers.

When compared to general-purpose loudspeaker cables, the Absolute Fidelity Loudspeaker interface has much better micro-dynamic resolution. As a result, the decay of notes is more extended, and the music has better tonal color. Bass is also tighter, more tuneful, and has better pace and rhythm. The coherence makes the various singers and players in an orchestra or band gel together better to bring about a much better musical performance.

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