Phono Pre-Amp

The Genesis Phono-Preamp is designed from the base of the tone arm onwards, and a Genesis designed cable is supplied with a mini-DIN connector – the standard with most high-end tone arms. There isn’t a plethora of loadition options. The inductance of the coil of the cartridge interacts with the capacitance of the tonearm cable to create a reactive peak. This peak can be as high as 32dB, and is the usual reason given for all the loading options for a phono stage. However, when the graphs of this reactive peak are shown in the marketing literature of many phono stages, the frequency scale is often omitted. In computer simulations, we can easily see that this reactive peak is in the megahertz range – far outside our hearing. However, if this peak is present, it can easily cause problems for a phono-preamp. High loading (if used to tame this peak) also reduces dynamics and transparency.

Each Genesis Phono-Preamp is individually hand-crafted using the finest hand-selected precision tolerance parts. A highly engineered internal damping platform significantly reduces all kinds of mechanical vibration leading to more extended natural bass, and detail and resolution.

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