Created as a tribute to Arnie Nudell, the founder of Genesis loudspeakers and all the technologies he invented, featuring the iconic wide wings introduced in the original model.

The embodiment of all of Arnie’s legacy technologies, and 50 years of reference-level line-source dipole flagship loudspeaker systems dating back to the IRS™ in 1977. The TRIBUTE adds 15 year of evolution under the leadership of designer and CEO Gary Leonard Koh. The Tribute is commissioned and custom-built in the USA for discerning music-lovers worldwide.

The Genesis Tribute is a two-tower loudspeaker system with integrated servo-controlled woofers. It features the iconic wide wings, introduced to audiophiles and music lovers with the IRS™, the servo-woofer, the dipole line-source, the planar magnetic midrange and tweeter and a crossover that is “as simple as possible, but no simpler.” In addition, it showcases the advanced technologies of modern materials, a suspension with alignment/azimuth adjustment and 20 years of evolution and improvements.

In style, the Genesis Tribute harkens back to the broad wings of Arnie’s vintage designs with a modern aesthetic to make an elegant statement.

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